•  Do you always take clients to the same shops?
  • No, every shopping expedition is bespoke to the client’s requirements and BUDGET
  • Do you have a contract with the shops where we look or buy?
  • No! My advantage is to be fully independent and not giving priority to any shop. The only priority is you and your budget. Only like this we can make sure to fully exploit your style.
  • Can you shop with more than one client at one time?
  • Yes but on most occasions it is more productive to give individual attention.
  • Is this service available to men?
  • Yes men form a large part of my clientele. It’s important for me to provide my expertise to both, men and women.
  • Please can you sort out my teenagers fashion dilemmas, as I can’t ?
  • Yes I’m very happy to shop with your teenager  – it could be the answer to perfect harmony between mother and daughter.
  • Do I have to do anything to my wardrobe before you come round for ‘The Wardrobe Detox’?
  • No not a thing – leave it all to your Wardrobe – I need to see the real you!
  • I would like to book you for my best friend how do I pay?
  • You can pay by bank transfer and I will email you a bespoke gift voucher for you to print off and put on the card.
  • Do you do color analysis?
  • No, being that the color spectrum is so wide most people can wear various tones of all different colors. You will be taught which colors suit you from each seasons shades, It’s essential for your new image to experiment with the trusted advise from your Personal Stylist.
  • It is my 50th birthday – Can you make me look young and stylish without looking like a teenager or out-dressed?
  • Absolutely! You will certainly look younger, more stylish and ‘cool’ after one session with me, all in-keeping with your age, life style and budget.


  • Why change?
  • Clothing – what we wear and how – has a huge amount of power over how we consider and carry ourselves, it even influences our attitude. You know the famous saying “When you look good, you feel good”; well, this couldn’t be more true. You can accomplish so much in life when you feel confident.


  • Isn’t a personal stylist only for wealthy people or show stars?
  • No – thanks to my service everybody can afford to ask for my support to find out his best fit, find his individual style and dress always according to the occasion.
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