Bükre is the embodiment of the modern day woman; she is confident but friendly, intelligent and creative, unmistakably fashionable with a distinctly fierce and very feminine sense of style.
All this, along with her sincerity and ambitious attitude, has made her a one to watch and continuously attracting a loyal and large following in social media, in both women and men, locally and internationally.
Bükre is an evident source of inspiration from her style to her attitude, uniqueness and overall persona.

Bukre worked in London as an Editorial Fashion Stylist for well known magazines with very famous photographers, models and Fashion PR Companies. She selects the clothing and accessories for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures.

Working often part of a larger creative team assembled by the client, collaborating with the photographer/director, hair stylist and makeup artist to put together a particular look or theme for the specific projects.


  • Select items to appear in fashion magazines/media
  • Select clothing for TV personalities, celebrities or the wardrobe for film or TV characters.
  • Source fashion items and props for photographic shoots or film/tv personalities, or product placement in fashion magazines/media.
  • Advise on photographic approaches and the selection of locations, props, clothing, models, makeup artists, photographers, hair stylists and the overall look for photo shoots.
  • Advise and direct the photography of items and clothing selected for promotion.
  • Liaise with fashion designers, retailers, the media, models/model agencies, photographers, makeup artists, hairdressers, beauty therapists, personal trainers and the media.
  • Organise and compare fashion parades and events.
  • Write articles on the latest fashion trends.
  • Provide fashion direction to buyers, merchandisers and/or product developers/designers.
  • Speak at events about image and fashion trends.
  • Provide makeup and hair styling services to clients or complete makeup and hair styling on location for photo shoots.
Bükre İkizer
Bükre İkizer